Partnering with NESS, a recent client school increased philanthropic participation and contribution dollars. The NESS strategy for international advancement is a structured multi-year project hinged on strengthening relationships with constituents abroad. With years of experience leading to a sensitivity and awareness of international cultures, NESS guides school administration in this critical area of growth.


the NESS advantage


Advancement Strategy

Schools that want to transform their advancement approach are considering sustainability as the target. Generating new income streams by increasing international relations and donations puts a sustainable business model within reach. While the traditional approach to the annual fund is to supplement the budget, this strategy offers a much broader perspective.

Taking the American model of philanthropy and overlaying it across the globe is often the easiest way for schools to engage their international constituents. This approach saves time, money and effort and might even yield positive results when compared to the level of commitment. The reality is this technique is limited in breadth and scope. It only scratches the surface of what is truly possible and affords only participation and short term success. A strategic approach to this market puts schools in position to seek five- and six-figure gifts and on the road to million dollar donors. All of which will eventually pave a new road toward school sustainability.

Relationship Management

Positive relationships are at the foundation of all successful philanthropic endeavors in America. This is also true in the international arena. The first challenge for schools is to develop an effective communication model(s) that resonates across cultures. Once in place, the next step is to expand this platform using select marketing and communication strategies to rally constituents in a ‘call to action’ manner. NESS helps schools design and implement such a communication platform that speaks to parents and alumni in a meaningful way. It is a platform that is inline with the school mission and culture and works to deepen the connectivity and understanding of school leadership and international constituents.    

NESS incorporates years of success communicating across cultures focusing on the creation and enhancement of donor relationships and stewardship. NESS will help your school develop and implement a relationship management style that will act as the foundation for years to come.


advancing schools through international fundraising