DO well not just more

Creating solutions for schools and international students is the foundation of our business. We have logged thousands of hours contemplating, implementing, and living the impact of our decisions within the independent school world. Since each school is different our services are tailored to meet your school where it is and address your specific needs. We will evaluate your program and services from a multitude of perspectives. These perspectives can often have competing interests, such as those of students, dorm or host parents, school administration, and even that of biological parents.  We help you understand the decisions that need to be made and empower you to feel confident with your chosen path.

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Business of Education

The business of education section of our audit may include:

  • Admission

  • Agent Managment

  • Business office

  • Advancement and Fundraising

  • Internal and External Communication

  • Marketing

  • Residential Life

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Delivery of education

The delivery of education section of our audit may include:

  • Academics

  • Academic, Social/emotional support

  • Sports, Clubs, Activities

  • College Placement Services

  • Internal and External Communication

  • Host family Services

  • Biological Parents Communication