Looking for new ways to share your unique academic and social culture while ensuring steady enrollment of international students and driving revenue at the same time?  For many schools this sounds too good to be true.  Of course, each US school has its own vision as to what it wants and needs from an international school partnership but NESS has already done a great deal of prep work to enable a quick determination of a well-matched partner across the globe.


Broaden Perspectives -  Often times, partner schools share faculty and administrators.  This exchange of teaching methodologies and leadership styles are tremendous opportunities for growth and enrichment for not only the individuals involved but for the entire school community.

Leverage Talent - Connecting school teams is an opportunity for school administration and faculty  to work collaboratively on both sides of the globe and streamline best practices

Diversify Revenue - A school partnership can lead to a six figure revenue growth on an annual basis (not including revenue from related international student enrollments)!

Global Brand - Students have more options than ever before in their pursuit of educational goals.  In this state of educational change, an international brand is a powerful resource to ensure sustainability.

Guaranteed Enrollment - Partner schools often guarantee a set number of students to enroll each year.  This direct school to school relationship limits the use of agents and agent fees while enhancing communication school to school, and school to biological parents.

Curriculum and Social Programming - Your unique curriculum and pedagogy is worth sharing with a partner school.  Help your partner school understand the tenets of your culture through your daily academic, athletic, and artistic programming across grade levels.

Path to Further Growth - Once a partnership is established other opportunities may arise where you can capitalize on your international programming knowledge base and know-how

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