Supporting schools in global connectivity


international engagement for schools

NESS team members have extensive experience supporting educational leadership and we offer a portfolio of services to support educators seeking to engage the international market.  

FundRAISING and Communication

In order for schools to remain competitive, there must be an intentional communication strategy.  With declining or static enrollment projected for the near future, improving your international outreach to parents and alumni can be critical to showcasing the inherent strengths of your program. Stagnant growth or status quo will not keep your school competitive as parents will be disconnected from their child’s experience. NESS will help guide the creation of a communication platform unique to your school and constituency to ensure active, engaged and contributing international constituents.

INternational Program Audit

At NESS, we have decades of administrative experience in independent schools.  We also have decades of experience in traveling and working with professional educators from around the world. Many schools entered the international realm through the back door and evolved without a strategic vision. Whether you are looking to start an international program or better understand and improve your existing services,  NESS can help you design, develop and structure a strategy that will achieve results across multiple school divisions.

Licensing and partnership

In today’s world and looking forward, schools face two serious challenges – revenue and relevance. Licensing and partnership arrangements with foreign entities can achieve business objectives, increase relevance while being true to the mission of the home school.  NESS will educate your leadership team on the process, risks, rewards and guide you through a bespoke partnership agreement. This has the potential to create a significant new revenue stream and global marketplace differentiation. NESS has developed a network of qualified investors and school operators looking for US partners.


SCHool Licensing

school Partnership